Week 6

Week 6

Continue thinking about the interaction between surfaces and interiors. Our identity is often some combination of the seen and the unseen. This is true for our “Alaskan” identity as well.   Masks are often a way of concealing a public identity while revealing a private or collective identity. A question I would like you to keep in mind as you read this week is “What does it mean to be Alaskan?” Is it a private or public identity? Are the writers you’re reading wearing a mask of some sort? What are they revealing to us as readers?


Reading Assignment

In The Last New Land read pp. 325-384

Read “Wilderness: Overview and Statistics” by Ross W. Gorte (This is a non-fiction legal overview)

Discussion 5: Follow the instructions below.

Go to our Google+ Community and do the following:

1. Try to answer one or more of these questions by either responding to my G+ Community post (it’s been tagged with the category “5: What is Wilderness?”) or creating your own shared post with a link to examples, photos, videos, or any other media you find on the web.

2. Respond to one or more of your classmates who have posted in Discussion Category  5: What is Wilderness? (categories are located on the left hand side of the Google+ Community) in a thoughtful way.