Week 11

Week 11

One of the things I love about Alaska, Fairbanks in particular, is that no matter how hard we try to be “civilized” there is a way in which nature “overwrites” our intentions. The white and yellow lines on the roads give way to paths that emerge from the snow. Our best attempts to dress well are covered by bunny boots and snow pants. The rhythms we want to live by are molded by the darkness and the cold or the ever-present light of the midsummer sun. No matter how urban we think ourselves to be, the wilderness creeps in through the cracks, chips our windshields and builds ice-dams in our windows.


Reading Assignment

In The Last New Land read p. 561-620

“Islanders” by Ben Kostival, a short story published in the New England Review.


Discussion 8: Follow the instructions below.

Go to our Google+ Community and do the following:

1. Try to answer one or more of these questions by either responding to my G+ Community post (it’s been tagged with the category “8: The Whale Hunt”) or creating your own shared post with a link to examples, photos, videos, or any other media you find on the web.

2. Respond to one or more of your classmates who have posted in Discussion Category 8: The Whale Hunt (categories are located on the left hand side of the Google+ Community) in a thoughtful way.