Week 12

Week 12

Let’s shift gears away from the topic of wilderness this week and think about the concept of culture in Alaska.   A number of different cultures interact in Alaska, from Yupik to Tlingit, from Southern U.S. to Thai. Culturally, especially in urban centers, Alaska seems to be a very diverse place.   As you’re reading this week, think about the ways that cultures influence each other in the circumpolar north.


Reading Assignment

In The Last New Land read pp. 621-684

A History of Schooling for Alaska Native People” by Carol Barnhardt. Published in the Journal of American Indian Education Volume 40, Number 1,   Fall, 2001.


Blog Entry 7

This week your assignment is to discuss the ways you see different cultures coexisting in Alaska and sharing values and traditions across cultural boundaries.

Discussion 9: Follow the instructions below.

Go to our Google+ Community and do the following:

1. Try to answer one or more of these questions by either responding to my G+ Community post (it’s been tagged with the category “9: Cultures of Alaska”) or creating your own shared post with a link to examples, photos, videos, or any other media you find on the web.

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