Week 15

Week 15

You should start reviewing for the final. Make sure you’ve read everything so that you can answer the questions on the final in the 4 hours that you will have.

Below you will find links to a handful of poems written by Alaskans. Be sure to include them while studying for the final.


Reading Assignment

Along the Alaska Highway” by Sheila Nickerson

Blaze” and “Kus-Sun-Ar” by Peggy Schumaker

Every Single Day” by John Straley

Blog Entry 10

Write a final entry that sums up what you know about Literature of Alaska and the Yukon Territories. You can focus on anything you feel is important.

Remember that all blog entries should display the following qualities:

  • Entries should consist of at least one visual and 3-4 paragraphs of writing.
  • Writing must be appropriate for a 300-level English course (good grammar, spelling, and punctuation and an educated level of academic inquiry).
  • You must in some way refer to what you’ve been reading in the weeks leading up to the blog entry. This can be in the form of quotes, references, or any extra information you might be able to find on the author or work.
  • If you use a web-source for photos, additional media, quoted text, or any other source material you must cite the source and link to it.