Week 1

Week 1

You will read the first few essays in our anthology, create your “Author” profile for this course site, and make your first Discussion Post in our Google+ Community.


Reading Assignment

  1. In Last New Land read pp. 1-62
  2. Archaeology of the Tundra and Arctic Alaska” on the National Park Service’s website.

As you’re reading this week, think about the idea of “Landscape.”   When a writer or an artist creates a landscape, they are framing what we as an audience see. A writer can’t fully describe a landscape and so chooses what we see. Why do the writers in this week’s lesson show us the landscape they do? What details do they include? What do they leave out? People write or tell stories about landscapes for various reasons. Why do these writers write about landscapes?

*Reading assignments will generally be around 60 pages each week. Don’t fall behind or skip assignments since the questions on your midterm and final can pull from any of the readings.


Writing Assignment: Becoming an “Author” on this blog…

Sometime on Thursday, September 5th, I’ll add you as an “Author’ to this course website (also referred to as the “course blog’ sometimes). You will receive an email from Community@uaf.edu saying “You’ve been invited to join https://northernlit.community.uaf.edu as an author… Please click the following link to activate your user account.’   This will take you to your user profile and the Dashboard… which is like the control area behind the scenes of the course site. Complete your profile and change your password then add a new post with the title “Introduction.’   Be sure to choose “Student Writing’ as the category for your post or else it won’t show up on the “Student Writing” page! This first post is required by Sunday night, September 8th in order for you to remain in the course.


Discussion 1: Follow the instructions below.

You should have received an invitation to become a member of the “Literature of Alaska and the Yukon” Google+ Community. If you haven’t set up your Google+ profile, you should do that and then try to make a Test Post.

Go to our Google+ Community and do the following:

1. Try to answer one or more of these questions by either responding to my G+ Community post (it’s been tagged with the category “1: Narratives and Origins”) or creating your own shared post with a link to examples, photos, videos, or any other media you find on the web.

2. Respond to one or more of your classmates who have posted in Discussion Category 1: Narratives and Origins (categories are located on the left hand side of the Google+ Community) in a thoughtful way.

Discussion Question 1: In what ways do you think the narratives from the first European explorers of Alaska and the Yukon are driven by their origins? Are some of the things they see skewed by their own cultural backgrounds? Look at the bookplate above and think about how writers and artists sometimes depict reality in a predetermined manner (as in the way this Alaska Native woman from Kodiak is depicted in a decidedly “European” manner).