Week 2

Week 2

You should still be thinking about the idea of landscape. This week try noticing the ways in which nature as a “resource” plays a role in the writing of Alaska.


Reading Assignment

In The Last New Land read   pp. 63-134


Blog Entry 1:

For your first blog entry, you should write about the concept of landscape in Alaskan fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and oral story telling. You’re welcome to pick one or all of these genres, but be sure to discuss some of the actual pieces you’ve read in the last two weeks.

Do you think identifying nature as a resource separates us from it? Is there another way to frame our role in nature that might be possible?

Start thinking about the topic by considering these questions:

All blog (or website) entries should display the following qualities:

  • Entries should consist of at least one visual and 3-4 paragraphs of writing.
  • Writing must be appropriate for a 300-level English course (good grammar, spelling, and punctuation and an educated level of academic inquiry).
  • You must in some way refer to what you’ve been reading in the weeks leading up to the blog entry. This can be in the form of quotes, references, or any extra information you might be able to find on the author or work.
  • If you use a web-source for photos, additional media, quoted text, or any other source material you must cite the source and link to it.

*Those of you who incorporate visual, video or audio, or other media beyond what is requried into your posts will be given extra credit based on how relevant the media is to your written content.


Discussion 2:

Go to our Google+ Community and do the following:

1. Try to answer one or more of these questions by either responding to my G+ Community post (it’s been tagged with the category “2: Maps and Masks”) or creating your own shared post with a link to examples, photos, videos, or any other media you find on the web.

2. Respond to one or more of your classmates who have posted in Discussion Category 2: Maps and Masks (categories are located on the left hand side of the Google+ Community) in a thoughtful way.