How to Submit Work

10 Blog Posts:

In these assignments (30 points each), you will be asked to create a blog post in the form of responses to essays from your assigned readings. I will send instructions on setting up your Author’s profile. The blog posts from other semesters will remain on this page so that you can see what others have said in the past and so that this site becomes a compendium of student thinking about Alaskan Literature.


10 Discussion Questions in Google+:

Discussion questions (20 points each) are posted on the Google+ Community page. You should both respond to the question posed for that week as well as interact with your classmates. The more interaction I see from you in the Community, the more likely you will get a high grade for this portion of the course.

I can’t invite you to join our Google+ Community until you’ve set up your Google+ profile through your UA account. Log in to your account and look in the upper left hand corner and you will see “+You” (mine says +Madara because I’ve set my profile up already). Once you’ve set it up, please let me know that you’ve done so!

YouTube “Setting Up Your Profile”:

YouTube “How to Get Started”:
YouTube How-To Channel for Google+ if you need more help:

The Midterm on Blackboard:

The assignments throughout the course are meant to encourage you to respond in creative, personal ways to the writing we cover in the course. The midterm, however, is meant to test whether you have done the reading for the course, and whether you understand how writing in and about Alaska is a specific genre all its own.

The questions on your midterm and final will be similar to those that guide your blog assignments.

The midterm is taken in Blackboard.


The Final on Blackboard:

Like your midterm, the final is meant to judge your comprehensive understanding of the readings.

The final is taken in Blackboard