Calculating Your Grade

You can earn a possible 1000 points over the course of the semester. 900-1000 is an A, 800-899 is a B, and so forth.

Click the chart above to enlarge or download this Word document:   350 Course Schedule 2011 and see page 2.

Discussions: Discussions take place on the “Discussion” in the menu above. You will receive points by actively participating in discussions which means that you must contribute the equivalent of 2 paragraphs worth of writing. You can do this in one comment or multiple comments.

Blog Entries: Over the course of the semester you must create at least 10 blog entries that respond to that week’s readings. See the Course Schedule for due dates and the How To Create a Google Site for detailed setup instructions. These blog entries can come in all shapes and sizes but I will be looking for some specific qualities:

  • Entries should consist of at least one visual and 3-4 paragraphs of writing.
  • Writing must be appropriate for a 300-level English course (good grammar, spelling, and punctuation and an educated level of academic inquiry)
  • If you use a web-source for photos, additional media, quoted text, or any other source material you must cite the source and link to it.