Blog #1 Nature as a Resource

I believe that all the genres of Alaska literature have a connection to the landscape. I think that it is impossible to write of Alaska without including the landscape and wilderness. Even in our largest cities of Anchorage and Fairbanks it is there looming in our backyards tempting us. The landscape is inescapable. I would not want it any other way. To talk of Alaska without including the landscape would be unheard of and would not portray the state and ones experiences well.

I do not think that identifying nature as a resource separates us from it. I think that by using our natural resources we tie ourselves to it and we need/use them in our daily lives. Without natural resources nothing would ever advance. There would not have been any reason for miners to explore the far reaches of Alaska without the abundant promise of gold. We also have the power to mistreat these resources and have the responsibility to keep a watchful eye on everything we do.

In The Killing by Rex Beach the gold fever is described as a town that never seems to sleep. One of the characters says “There isn’t time – this is the gold stampede. You haven’t caught the spirit of it yet.’ To me this shows just how caught up in nature we can be. That there is nothing else to think about but getting back out into the mountains to find another vein of gold. There was such a driving force for miners to have as much gold as possible that it seems to make them go a bit crazy. In this it is seen just how connected we are to something occurring in nature. How something without consciousness can have such an effect on us is quite strange but is always happening.











Old man mining

Gold pan


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