Blog #8

“The Scene and the People’ by Ronald Johnson is based on more present day Alaska or Anchorage than the writing we read beforehand. He writes about walking 4th and 5th avenue and people on the streets working together to make enough money to buy a bottle of alcohol.   Ronald Johnson writes about the idea of civil rights being worth whatever you were willing to fight for.   There were no anti-discrimination laws in the ‘40s and the ‘50s and he was working out in Indian with a couple of black men who had to work to avoid being charged with vagrancy.   Although the writing still reflects a lot of change that had yet to occur, it is more modern than the 1800s and early 1900s writing we read before.

I found “Shattered Dreams’ by Kim Rich to be interesting in the way she wrote about the earthquake.   “There was life before The Earthquake and life after The Earthquake,’ she wrote. I can imagine the worry and unease of not knowing exactly what was going on when the massive earthquake hit.  I have always been interested in what everyone experienced when the Good Friday earthquake hit, and this excerpt gave me more insight.
“Anchorage’ a poem by Tom Sexton, writes about a homeless, battered woman and police searching a homeless camp.   Although this poem is short, there is much to be heard when considering the homeless population of Natives that reside in Anchorage.   The last sentence of this poem talks about her ancestors that are not too far away gathering subsistence foods under the light of soapstone lamps.   This poem is short, but very strong, because there are still people stuck living homeless in Anchorage while they have families in other communities that are working hard for survival.   This epidemic still occurs today, and this poem has a very strong voice.

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