Blog #10

Literature of Alaska and Yukon Territories is much different from the literature that can be found in other places across the world.

Writers have more landscape to be written about, there are mountains, rivers, lakes, flowers, natural disasters, and even activities that are much different from those found in other areas of the world. The Natives that have inhabited this land for centuries give writers more subjects to write about. There are civil disputes revolving around land and hunting and fishing rights. There are Ancient Alaska Fiction novels like the writing of Sue Harrison. There are those authors that write mainly about the gold rush times.

Authors such as Hector Chevigny, Louis L’amour, and Rex Beach write about people that immigrated to Alaska for one reason or another.   Other authors such as Pam Houston, Nick Jans, and Barry Lopez write about the hunts that occur in Alaska.   Authors such as Velma Wallis, Jack London, and Natalie Kusz write about surviving in Alaska.

There are many different reasons an author can choose to write about Alaska.   I prefer the writing that refers to the Native people in a positive light, and includes historic value to Natives.   This is because I am an Alaskan Native, it is part of my ancestry, history, and current survival and acceptance of who I am.   I have a beautiful picture of a recent sunrise to add, but am unable to upload it at this time and will attempt later this evening or tomorrow.   Quyana!

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