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This week’s blog has me once again at a disadvantage as I am trapped in Ohio and only a scholar in everything Alaska. I will do my best and hopefully give the readers a good blog to read and discuss.

Alaska is blessed and cursed with some interesting weather and the accompanying seasons. Some love the winter, with its clean, frozen mud less landscape to enjoy many winter sports and not be annoyed by millions of biting insects. Some may really despise the harsh cold of winter, and want to enjoy warm, sunlit days. It is all an individual thing. I have never experienced Alaskan seasons and the weather that goes along with them. I have in Ohio experienced 100+ degree Fahrenheit to single digit degree Fahrenheit  temperatures. We have Lake Erie to keep the area moist all year, that makes the moist winter temperatures with wind driven across the lake straight from Canada with no stops quite a chore to endure. The summers are jungle like with humidity to the extreme. I read many places in Alaska have reached to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, while winter in some locations may reach -60 Fahrenheit. I am told in the interior areas, the weather is dryer than Ohio, and the cold is less felt. This was from friends who visited in the winter. I will have to make that judgment myself soon.

Everything I know is from a scholarly standpoint. The fall season is quite short and there is a mad rush to prepare for winter. The winter can be brutal, and the summers quite blazing hot. Here in Ohio, the fall season last for a couple months and is quite long in comparison to Alaska. Springs are short in Alaska too, while Ohio has a couple months to get to summer.

In all, Alaska is a land of extremes and so is its seasons.

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One thought on “Seasons in Alaska, blog #9

  • pmullin1

    Even from Ohio you have summed things up fairly well. Alaska is a land of extremes and it depends somewhat of where you live in it, but also just the weather conditions in general, More and more the lower 48 is experiencing some of our extremes with often tragic and disastrous results when it does hit. Cities shut down when they get a lot of snow or severe cold because they aren’t prepared for it.
    One of my biggest adjustments besides the cold was the darkness as well in winter. Winter can start as early as September and other years not until January. As someone stated, every year is different. I’ve yet to see any two alike out of 24 so far! Our longest day of daylight is June 21st and the shortest is December 21st. At this time of year, I’m looking forward to adding approximately 5 minutes a day of sunlight soon. I could do without the freezing rain we’ve been having as well. Most people would tell you they’d rather have the snow than the freezing rain…
    I miss the longer spring and fall seasons of the midwest. That is when I get homesick, even after all these years. And unless you’ve experienced them, it’s sometimes hard for others to understand that. Sometimes people joke up here we have the seasons of winter and winter. Summers fly by past so fast and I’ve seen some summers barely make it to the 60’s where I am. I’ve seen what there is of fall barely last a week while other years we may see and have it for 3 months.