Blog #9

Sherry Simpson’s “The Way Winter Comes’ almost gave me goose bumps (no pun intended).   She very powerfully, and accurately, describes the emotions and sensations of life in the cold and dark winters of Alaska.   The way her descriptive language unites the human body with the season is amazing.   We can often avoid the intensity of the cold weather experience through our modern housing and modes of transportation so it is good to be reminded of the power of the cold.

The other seasons in Alaska don’t seem to get as much attention.   Of course, spring and fall in interior Alaska are short.   But, what they don’t have in length, they make up for with their distinctive beauty.   Spring, a time when the snow and ice thaw and melt, making everything wet and muddy, eventually gives way to the vibrant lime green of the trees as they sprout in the warm spring sun.   Those are the days you linger outside, enjoying the warmth and increasing light on your face.

Fall is a favorite of mine.   As the heat, incessant light, mosquitos, and non-stop activity of summer wind down, fall gracefully arrives and decorates the ground with reds and dark purples and the trees with brilliant yellow.   As fall progresses, she glazes the outdoors with sparkly frost during the day and glowing skies at night.



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