Blog #8 The Modern Alaska

What amazes me is such as the story “Beat the Qaaviks’ by Nick Jans. In many villages, the youth have used the game of basketball to interact in a productive and friendlier setting. This may be different from the past village life as in the past such a sport may not have been present. Boys and girls may play this sport. This has become a village pride activity that can greatly improve the athletics of the youth and decrease village violence. Sadly though, this activity may take away from more native studies in the traditional sense in some eyes. In all, I feel it is a positive activity.


Alaska is not too different in the city life than many cities and towns in the lower 48 states. In a romantic sense, outsiders may think it is all “saloons and dance halls’ as was in the story of the “Ice Palace’. Modern Alaska especially is very like much of the lower 48 states, with a very big back yard indeed! Walmart and other major retails are there, and downtown pictures show to me, as an Ohio native, the same scene I see here in the Cleveland suburb. Much of Alaska is still wild, but town life is very close to that of other states it appears.


Fairbanks especially, has found an influx of people moving in. They bring with them influences, and shopping malls and major retail big box stores have moved in. The city changes as different people and influences move in. Modern Fairbanks is much like a poem by Karen Randley called “Progress’. Six years of Fairbanks history is described in it, and sums up the modern Fairbanks well.

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