Blog 7: Alaskan Diversity

This week your assignment is to discuss the ways you see different cultures coexisting in Alaska and sharing values and traditions across cultural boundaries.

Alaska is considered a sort of final frontier, a place for new beginnings. This attracts a lot of people from a wide variety of places, giving Alaska an extremely diverse population. This is great for Alaskan residents as it gives us a diverse culture in which to live.

In Fairbanks alone we have dozens of diverse restaurants, with everything from Thai to Indian. We have so many Thai restaurants that even small children know the kind of cuisine to expect when they order Thai food. Everything from the food to the cultural values have crept into Alaskan society from cultures from all over the world. We are the perfect example of a society that is formed from cultural diversity, one of the ideas that is a trademark of the United States.


Alaska is a hodge podge of cultural values that come together to give us a unique society that is appealing to visitors. The largest populations of immigrants in Alaska are from cultures that have strong family values. This gives us a sense of community that is rapidly disappearing in the Lower 48. Maybe this is why we are so appealing for the vast number of tourists that flock this way every summer.

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