Coexisting in Alaska, Blog #7

This week your assignment is to discuss the ways you see different cultures coexisting in Alaska and sharing values and traditions across cultural boundaries.

This week’s blog has me at a disadvantage. While not in Alaska but trapped in Ohio, I can add my two cents worth. From what I see on television, different cultures coexisting is not really shown on that media outlet that much. I see shows that just talk about one group or another. Shows like Yukon Men, Wild West Guns, Mountain Men, Alaska Last Frontier, and others just show the characters. Alaska State Troopers television show seems to only show the bad in Alaska from what I have watched. Interactions between different groups just don’t make it to prime television. So, that form of media is out.

Here in Ohio, we have many ethnic cultures that get along, well, tolerate each other. We have a large Hispanic population now, and with that the culture. The culture has spread so much that students in the schools sometimes don’t even speak English. Teachers are urged to get a second language, Spanish. Before the influx, there were more European descent people, such as Irish and Slovenian. They lived in areas around Cleveland and you knew what culture lived there mostly as what road or district they lived in. Generally, the cultures here stick together. In Alaska, I am not sure of, as I write this blog from my computer chair in Painesville, Ohio, an out skirts town of Cleveland, Ohio. One day I will be able to write this blog better when I am up in Alaska, but sadly right now finances have me trapped in Ohio.

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