Blog #5

The Alaskan wilderness is so expansive that one should have some knowledge about it before venturing out into it.   There are boundaries that come with living in the Alaskan wilderness.   The weather is constantly changing and can create difficulty in even the easiest task.   Those that live near the Alaskan wilderness never know when the weather is going to take a turn for the worse and create some form of hardship in their lives.   Just last week, there was a powerful windstorm that hit the Western coast of Alaska.   Flooding occurred in low lying areas near the coast, power was knocked out, water/sewer lines were broken, and houses were even knocked off of their foundation.   This is an example of boundaries for those of us that live here in Alaska.

I think we do play a major role in protecting the wilderness.   Especially for those of us that prefer to live off of the land.   If we don’t protect the wilderness, our way of life may be gone forever and we will have to adapt to new ways of living.   For example, the rivers and waterways that the fish inhabit need to be kept clean and pristine, without the introduction of harmful pollutants.   If we don’t protect the waterways, the fish may die and we will have to learn to live without our main staple in our diet.  

I can understand the view that Cronon has on the wilderness, however because I grew up in rural Alaska, I understand how some people view the wilderness.   Yet, because of my cultural upbringing, I understand the connection that my people have with nature, while they don’t forget the homes that they live in that provide them with shelter.  

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