Blog #6, How I understand the Alaskan Wilderness

The Alaskan Wilderness is a feeling of alertness, joy, cleanliness, danger, grandeur, fear, security, connectedness, home.   I keep seeing images of my last trip to the woods, where we stay for a week at a time, in a wall tent.   My husband stays out for almost two months, with intermittent visits home.

I have to agree with Luke — what I knew of Alaska when I was young was much different than what I know now, since I have a full-time job.   The northern lights still come out but I don’t get to see them, since I have to go to bed early enough to get up to go to work.   I’ll post some of my own family’s recent pictures of wilderness excursions, though, so you know how I see our wilderness.

Sheep HuntingSheep hunting,   2013

My Country

My Country -Fall 2013

The back way in

The Back Way In, Fall 2013.   There should be some moose in those alders… this might be a nice place to rest.

I see the Alaskan Wilderness also as a place to get food.   I’m definitely a subsistence hunter and fisherman, and refuse to buy chicken.   Why should I buy sedentary chicken when I have a freezer full of wild halibut, salmon, moose and sheep meat?   To me, you are what you eat.   I am as much a part of the wilderness as it is of me.   It’s part of my soul.

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