Blog # 6 My Peaceful Wilderness

The Alaska wilderness is a place of peace for me. It is a place where I can enjoy the beauty of our state and get away from the business of daily life. The wilderness is an escape from the household chores and stresses of life. The Alaska wilderness holds many adventures for my family. Often our wilderness adventures involve our dogs, who love to run freely in the mountains. I think for me the Alaska wilderness is a symbol of freedom and of peace.

The wilderness sometimes is a place where my family gathers food. Berry picking or fishing are activities that we sometimes do in the wilderness. Having fresh fish in the freezer is a blessing that I do not take for granted. I appreciate the bounty and beauty of Alaska’s wilderness.

Ruger enjoying an afterrnoon in Hatcher's Pass

Ruger  enjoying an afterrnoon in Hatcher’s Pass

In Hatcher's Pass, snow is coming...

In Hatcher’s Pass, snow is coming…

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