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My wilderness is what all of Alaska is to me. Compared to other states I have visited Alaska has the possibility to walk out my backdoor and see the trees and giant mountains surrounding us. Anyone can drive a half hour, or less, and have all city/town life disappear. Living in the valley all I need to do is look up to see the gorgeous mountains surrounding me to feel like nature is right there, even when I’m in the middle of town. It’s all right there at my back doorstep.

I love to get outside everyday even if it is -30 or the wind is howling. I need to feel the wind on my face, the smell of the fresh air, a raven’s harsh caw. It is all a part of what “wilderness’ is to me. During the summer I enjoy hiking, camping, and kayaking. All of these take me away from the hustle and bustle of “city life’. I can’t hear the cars on the highway, or my neighbors mowing their lawn.

summer 2010 511

It is great to get out there are listen to the quiet. To lie back on the mossy ground, close my eyes and listen. There just below me is the gurgling of the creek as it runs down the mountain. And there just a few feet away a ground squirrel is squeaking and chirping at me in curiosity. Among the other senses are the smell of the wildflowers and the moist smell of the earth. One of my favorite feelings while lying there is the warm sun on my skin. All in all I love the Alaskan wilderness and will probably live here the rest of my life.

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Mountain picture is my own

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  • pmullin1

    I agree with your definition of what Alaska is to you and about it being wilderness. I know there are beautiful places elsewhere that have mountains and beautiful scenery, but there is definitely something special about Alaska! It is different in so many ways and you don’t have far to go to be in wilderness areas. It is still very untamed and I feel it will always be that way in areas.