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          My Alaskan wilderness is a paradox for me. It is in my walks in the wild places where I may find them  in Ohio at this point. I have always enjoyed the wilderness and I seek to learn and live closer to nature each waking moment. In my travels, whether I am hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or any other number of outdoor activities, the deep wilderness of my dreams I lust for. Alaska is the real last frontier that is offered to a like minded individuals as myself.


                        The above picture is that of a wild place that I have enjoyed for twenty years. I grew up across the road from this area and it was a large parcel of wild, over grown land in which I spent days and nights exploring. Nights after my factory job I would wander through the dark woods while watching deer, coyotes and other nocturnal animals enjoy this great area. During the day, I hunted and fished the area. It was always a place of wonder for me, and close by too! I was quite lucky to live across from my mini-wilderness. Now the above area is a sliver of wild area that is left. The other areas are houses and devastated wetlands that are in the process of being built upon. Both pictures I have taken only days ago.


                  Now the areas that I hike in are mostly park lands. I share the trails with city folk who wear too much perfume and run their fluffy lap dogs. It is a far cry from what I grew up with. Alaskan wilderness beckons me to come up to the Northwest and explore it. I study about it, I dream about it. One day I will explore it and count my blessings when I leave Ohio and I have real wilderness to enjoy.

Eric in woods

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  • pmullin1

    I view the corn fields and open unoccupied spaces of farm land, parks such as Glenn Miller and places like Hayes Arboretum as part of ‘urban’ wilderness in my hometown of Richmond, Indiana. There are reservoirs and state parks- those kind of places to get away from it all and just soak in nature. Of course, it’s no longer any wilderness there nor has it been long before our time. But just getting away from everything for a little break was nice.