Blog #4

When thinking of the resources of Alaska.   The teachers and people who have migrated up here can be considered a resource and also change the way Alaska can be viewed.   In “Tisha’ by Robert Specht, racism is defined by the actions of the teachers and school board.   Racism is evident all over Alaska and is made apparent in this excerpt. This is a large part of the historical trauma that you will find all over Alaska.   In “Tisha’, the school principal and school board attempted to keep kids out of the school just because they were Indian.

In “The Birth of a Cabin’ by Richard Proenneke and Sam Keith, the cold is explained in great detail.   They write about the crystals suspended in the air and the freeze rusting the snow.   The weather is a very large part of Alaska. Rain, snow, freezing temps, and fog play a very large part when looking at the mask of Alaska.

In “Lost’ by John Haines, he writes about his years of homesteading in Alaska.   His opening line in this excerpt is about people disappearing and never being heard from again.   This is something I have heard about year after year while living in Bush Alaska.   It may take months or years for a family to recover a loved one.   The resource I would like to speak about behind this fact is that in Bush Alaska, when a family or friend passes, the community comes together to offer support for those that have suffered the loss.   Also, he write about those that have lost their life by suicide.   This appears to be an epidemic of Alaska that is contributed somewhat to those that have lost touch with the land and culture.

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