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I was struck by the honesty of Mr. Jacob Ahwinona, a full blooded Eskimo native. He speaks of the abundance of gold that the natives know of, but are sworn to secrecy. The native Eskimo have little need of this gold metal, but white men will do much evil in the name of greed to get it. Greed brings all kinds of evil to the world, and the native Eskimo people are comfortable as Mr. Ahwinona states, and do not need the extra trouble that greed can create. Mr. Ahwinona discusses the correct chain of events that have construed to the story of the three lucky Swedes. The three crooked Swedes should be the correct term as Jacob states. Jacob’s ancestor was murdered after he helped a local missionary find the gold that as he stated, was right under their feet in the grass. After gaining money from the deal, his ancestor was killed for it. This is sad to see that greed can and usually is a horrible downfall of any man or woman that falls into its snares. His speech is of a wise elder that speaks from the heart. As a native Chickasaw decent, I myself feel the words from this wise man. Now Richard Nelson, who wrote  “Moon of the Returning Sun,’,  writes of his character Sakiak hunting seals.  Sakiak does this on the frozen ocean, using the old school native ways of waiting, and waiting. This is quite a feat in such a arctic environment, waiting still by the unfrozen seal breathing holes. The hunter waits, knowing at some point hopefully his patience will be rewarded by a fat, plum seal. While he may have some modern implements to help him along, the long wait on the ice is a connection to his ancestors that hunted the very same stretch of frozen ocean.

There also is an article by Robert Specht’s  named “Tisha’. This work speaks of the problems native children had while trying to get an education at schools predominantly white in race, and not native. All of these articles and stories shows the problems that native peoples have had while progressing into the modern day, but at times trying to old onto a shred of the past and the connection to their ancestors.


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