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Hello all,

I’m writing under a pseudonym as this blog is public, and in the way of many Alaskans, I’d like my life to remain as sheltered as it can from the rest of the world.   I missed the original introduction time frame as I had trouble getting on the blog.   Now that I’ve succeeded in that endeavor, I’m finding the blog to be rewarding as I’ve enjoyed your comments and insights.

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2 thoughts on “Introduction

  • Sherri

    Don’t feel too bad. This is my first time on here as well and find it intetesting. My only connection to the Internet is through my phone or a drive into and then across town to the campus thanks to ACS.

  • Madara

    Welcome! Even though this is a public blog, it doesn’t get too much traffic other than from the students in the course. Every now and then strangers stop by, but they can’t make comments on your posts, so the site should be weirdo-free. (I hope.)