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HI, My name is Joni Young.  I’m an Athabascan from the Upper Tanana River Region, a Tetlin Tribal Member.  I grew up in Tok and currently live here with my family.  I am engaged and have two kids, a two year old daughter, Tiana and a 10 year old son, Christian. I work for Tanana Chiefs Conference as a Clinic Coordinator for the Upper Tanana Health Center.  I am a Senior and plan to graduate in May 2014 with my Bachelors in Rural Development, Business and Economics.  I look forward to reading everyone’s posts. Tsen-ih’ (Thank you)


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  • Madara

    Welcome! I love TCC and all that they do for the AK communities. I used to work for Fairbanks Native Association and we collaborated with TCC on a number of projects. Welcome to the course!