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Do you think identifying nature as a resource separates us from it? Is there another way to frame our role in nature that might be possible?

Land is a valuable resource which provides us with many benefits.   Land can be used to grow food, providing our bodies with necessary nourishment.   Animal life is an important natural resource which also provides nourishment to our bodies.   Land can contain valuable minerals or oil which can be mined or oared for fuel or traded for money.   It is not the idea of nature as a resource that separates us from it, but rather the laziness and greed that are part of the natural man that separate us from nature.

Having respect for our natural resources and the beauty of the land and giving thanks for what we have, as well as not taking more than we need helps us to remain respectful for nature.   In the story “A New Crisis’ a rail line is being attempted, including the building of a bridge.   Early roadways and railways were built to follow the curves of the land.   Transportation routes were created to be the least intrusive into Alaska’s beautiful landscape.

As our population has increased and our lives have become more hurried we have moved further from the traditions of our ancestors.   We have ceased viewing our beautiful scenery as a valuable resource and instead work on projects like the “highway to highway’ project aimed at connecting roadways and allowing motorists to travel more quickly from one location to another.

I believe the best way to graciously use the resources we have is with prudence and thanksgiving.   Rather than being hurried we need to contemplate the lasting effects of our use of our resources.   We need to move with the land, leaving little evidence, rather than plowing through for the sake of convenience.   We need to appreciate the beauty and be thankful for the resources we have, or we will destroy them.

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  • pmullin1

    I think one of the most beautiful ways to see parts of Alaska is by the Alaskan train! I’ve only traveled, so far, from Wasilla to Fairbanks and back. I want to go from Seward to Fairbanks and back some day. There is so much more you can see by railway compared to the highways.
    As I read about the building of the railroad and know how much it is taken for granted now, I can’t help but appreciate the men who risked their lives to make it a reality. There was a lot of hardships along the way. In the story Arrival by Beach, it revealed how the struggle was compounded by the finding of gold and the allure to do gold prospecting instead.
    Many were not prepared for the harsh winters here and it had to have caused serious hardships,. Even during World War II and after when they came to work on the highways many were ill-prepared for our weather conditions.

  • Madara

    A change in attitudes would certainly help future generations… I think slowing down in general might be a good thing. You’re right about convenience often being a driving factor.