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Hello all! My name is Julia. I was born and raised in Alaska. Born in Ester and then shortly after moved to Palmer. I love living in the valley with all the mountains to climb. This winter I will be graduating with a Spanish major and an American Sign Language minor. I am very excited to be done! I am planning on traveling a bit before settling on a career. I am looking forward to learning more about this wonderful state I have lived in.

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  • karen randlev

    This the first time I have blogged, so please accept apologies if i don’t do it exactly right. I lived in ak from 1975 to 198182. As a poet I was able to visit many bush schools as part of the poets-in-the-school program. Aside from publishing widely in various journals, I wrote a book, LIGHT RUNNER, and was included in the NEW GEOGRAPHY OF POETS )(often used as an english 101 text in the lower ’48) and the LAST NEW LAND.BC of these and several exhibitions of my barrow and fairbanks photos, across the state and the far west, I have become to many an “alaskan poet’. I have no problem with this except it makes it more difficult to get included as an american woman poet. Thanks to poets pat monaghan and katherine mcnamara, both of whom no longer live in the state, I have been able to publish in journals such as EXQUISITE CORPSE and THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR.

    • Madara

      Karen, that’s great to have a published author in the course! I’m friends with a number of AK poets (engaged to one of them as a matter of fact) and they’re always interesting!

  • Stephanie

    Greetings Fellow ENGL 350 students,

    My name is Stephanie Stickle and I am the secretary at Tri-Valley School in Healy, Alaska. I am a senior this year. I am taking this class and JRN 311, Magazine Article Writing, this semester. I have already written several posts on our community website for our first assignment and have enjoyed reading your posts and getting your original insight. Sincerely, Stephanie