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Hello all. My name is Darcy Baecker and I am graduating in May with a degree in Spanish. I was born and raised in Fairbanks and am itching to get out and see more of the world. This summer I have been working for a company called Taiga Ventures that sets up camps in remote areas around Alaska for clients to work out of. The camp I am at now is based out of Point Lonely which is an old DEW line site about 80 miles east of Barrow. After 84 days out here I have only gone slightly crazy, but the experience has been totally worth it. There have been many polar bear sightings, some too close for comfort (less than 20 yards), herds of thousands of caribou, and many arctic foxes coming to camp to scavenge for food and bark at us. I have a couple more weeks out here and then I will go to another camp in Galena to help with flood relief. I’m hoping I can keep up with the class with the sporadic and limited internet that is available!

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  • karen randlev

    Hi Darcy: I lived in ak from 1975-1982 working and living in tok, fairbanks, anchorage, and barrow. I got a grant to write a history of the inupiat, but ending up not being able to finish bc my research materials were taken over by a native from barrow. my photos were in an exposition in the town hall, but I doubt that they are still there. Is NARL still there?